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At Dreambaby Sleep Solutions, we DO NOT use the Cry it Out Method! We offer more gentle settling techniques that will suit your whole family.

You are not alone in feeling sleep deprived after bringing a baby into the world. According to the Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne, Australia), approximately 60% of infants (aged between 6-12 months) wake at least once a night. About 1 in 10 even wake 3-4 times a night! So it's no wonder many parents look for ways to improve their baby/toddler's sleep! Bedtime doesn't need to be an unpleasant experience, it can be the fun part of the day that the whole family can enjoy!

Having a well-rested baby is important because not only does sleep encourage mental development but it also gives your baby the energy needed to practice the new skills she or he is learning each day.

Don't bury yourself in books that offer generalised information. Dreambaby Sleep Solutions will take away the guess work and offers advise specific for your baby. Let us support/guide you every step of the way on the path to helping your baby to sleep through the night! To hear more on how we can help, please click how

Your family is just around the corner from getting more sleep, giving you all the energy you need and deserve! Please see our Testimonial page to hear from just some of the many families that we have helped.

Empower yourself to make the change - baby sleep doesn't need to be a struggle! Why wait? Our service is guaranteed! Select a packages now

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne
Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne
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Dreambaby offers gentle sleep training from fully Trained & Certified Baby Sleep Consultants. We offer home visits within the Melbourne (Australia) area and also offer online consultations world wide! Both types of consultations offer the same fantastic results and will help your baby to sleep through the night. Both services are backed by our money back guarantee!  

We offer mainly work with babies and toddlers aged from 0 to 36 months old and can assist with the following if they are interfering with your baby's sleep:

  • Overnight Waking
  • Dummy dependency
  • Improving Naps
  • Early morning waking
  • Co-sleeping
  • Rocking/cuddling baby to sleep
  • Transition to cot/bed
  • Feeding to Sleep
  • And so much more!

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Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

​​​By visiting Dreambaby Sleep Solutions you have taken the first step in helping your baby to sleep through the night! 

We are looking forward to working with you using our gentle sleep training methods and modifying our techniques to suit your family's sleep situation and parenting style. We are so confident that we WILL improve your baby's sleep that we offer our clients a 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeBaby Sleep Consultant Melbourne Sleep Through the night gentle